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Welcome to Scan Sangamon County, Central Illinois's scanning authority, providing live scanner audio feeds for Sangamon County. The purpose of this page is to provide information to everyone who tunes in to the feeds. This page is not affiliated with any law enforcement, fire or EMS agency. In an effort to keep scanning legal, both in general and over the internet, absolutely no information will be posted in a manner that could compromise the safety of a member of a law enforcement, fire or EMS agency. Thanks and enjoy the page!

Please feel free to browse around. More information about our feeds is available in the 'Our Feeds' section of this page. Any special details in the Sangamon County area will be on the Fire/EMS feed
Sangamon County Law Enforcement
**Now broadcasting with alpha tags**
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Covers all law enforcement in Sangamon County


 Sangamon County Fire and EMS
Covers all fire and EMS in Sangamon County